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    As a export leader in the global leader, we are proud of our Technology and Product Innovation. We are the FIRST to develop the new patented permanent magnet synchronous motor with double seal bearings structure for electric fans that ensures our electric fans features of strong soft wind,super silent, long-lasting using life, energy-saving.

    Up to 50% quieter with new generation of motor due to noise and vibration reduced.
    We promise we use new material of ABS and PP, NEVER use bad recycled materials.
    We promise all our motors use superior copper wire, NEVER use aluminum wire.

    We are the first company in china who promise 18 months warranty time.


     Continuous Improvement

    To ensure we continuously improve, We keep pace with customer growing needs by continuously launching new modern ,trendy and stylish designs.Our factory and R&D team never ever stop to improve our products and quality,focusing even on the finest details so that our electric fans not only great on performance but also exquisite decorative furnishing.

    Our Mission

    To promote a healthy Eco-living lifestyle to all our clients through energy efficiency and help them save! 

    Cross Comparation
    Mount Carmel
    other brands
    Motor picture
    Double seal bearings structure
    our patent-only we have
    Single shaft structure
    Driven Motors
    New patented permanent magnet  
    synchronous motor 

    Unique technology in china
    Permanent Magnet
     DC motors
    Ordinary Power
    High efficient Ordinary efficient
    Wind Much stronger strong
    Noise Super silent High
    Vibration Light heavy
    Dynamic balace Grade G2.5 G6.3
    Use life Much Longer short
    Quality warranty  18-24 Months 12 month



    電話: 0576 8853 5003
    傳真: 0576 8853 5007
    郵箱: jiamidianqi@163.com
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